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         Greg, Theresa, Xayden, Capri, Grayson and Ryder    (photo by 3 Cubed Studios)
     Welcome to Capri + 3.  Our lives were forever changed in November of 2010 with the birth of our four babies.  Like most people, we imagined having one child at a time and easing into parenthood. Instead, we got a crash course in parenting at the NICU and then jumped right in to parenting multiples.   Now that they are here, we cannot imagine life any other way.  We've learned to plan ahead and multitask as our four toddlers express their needs all at the same time.  Please join us on our adventures and share your own.  I love to read your comments and check out your blogs. 
     Capri + 3 started our as a way to capture their childhoods as we have one chance to do that.  Since then, it has morphed into so much more. Before the Sugar Snaps were born, I worked full time as a psychologist.  It was a big life change to be with them at home full time.  I have met so many interesting people from around the world and connected with parents, grandparents and teachers. It is nice to connect with other families and to laugh and learn together.
     If you would like to get in touch with me, I can be reached at:  amultiplesmom@gmail(dotcom).
     If you have a product or service that you think would be benefit Capri + 3's readers, and would like to discuss advertising opportunities, reviews or product giveaways, I can be reached at the email address above.  



Lorraine @ Cookin For the Seven Dwarfs said...

Ohh my goodness, they are all adorable! Thanks for linking up at the Social Soiree! :) Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

Multiples Mom said...

Thank you Lorraine.

I appreciate that you hosted the Social Soiree. I'm looking forward to getting to know you too.

: 0 ) Theresa

Melanie Wilson said...

Hey, Multiples Mom, I'm a psychologist, too. I have six kids and I took the slacker route having them one at a time. They're beautiful children! I found you on Pinterest.

Theresa A said...

Hi Melanie.

Thank you. I am sorry I missed your comment until now! Thank you for coming by.

: 0 ) Theresa

Tina Marie Ernspiker said...

They are beautiful! What a blessing :-)

Theresa A said...

Thank you Tina Marie.

We feel very blessed to have them.

: 0 ) Theresa

pennypinchingpeach.com said...

Howdy! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Liebster Award, because I absolutely love following your sweet blog and wanted to share it with other folks. You can participate or not without offending me in the least, but you deserve the nomination! :)http://pennypinchingpeach.com/2015/02/23/liebster-award/

Theresa A said...

Thank you for thinking of me. I really appreciate it!

: 0 ) Theresa

Ruth-Funmi Iwasanmi said...

Soooooo amazing! God bless your home in Jesus name.

Claire Ridewood said...

My goodness me!! We have 5 daughters, but spread that out over 11 years!!! I am amazed you are able to get anything done never mind write an awesome blog!! I take my hat off to you!

Theresa A said...

Thank you Ruth!

: 0 ) Theresa

Theresa A said...

Thank you Claire.

I think having them all at once presents different challenges. I can imagine having all different ages and activities is just as challenging! I take my hat off to you.

: 0 ) Theresa

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