Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Artsy Play Wednesday

Artsy Play Wednesday with Capri +3
     Happy Halloween and a warm welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3.  Please stop by each week to see arts crafts and play posts from creative blogs so that you can be inspired to try new things with the children in your lives.  I will get things started with an art activity that our babies did last week and then please add links to your posts.  The babies worked on hand print spiders in their occupational therapy.  I thought they looked more like bats because of the antennae, so they transformed into bats when we added the faces later.
Hand print Bats:
You will need:
Black tempera paint
Google Eyes
Pink pom pom
Red felt cut into shape of mouth
     Help your child place the hand prints onto the paper, one at a time to form the shape of a bat.  After the bat is dry, your child can glue the eyes, nose and mouth onto the bat.
The finished bat

Capri loved the tickling of the black paint as her OT painted her hand

while Grayson loved the way the paint looked on his fingers.

Ryder was impressed by his hand print bat

while Xayden just loved the whole process.
     Now it is your turn.  Please add as many links as you like to your arts, crafts and play posts.  They can be new or old as they will be new to new readers.  It would be great if you would add the Artsy Play Wednesday button (or a text link) to your linked posts so that your readers can come over and join in the fun.  Feel free to pin any of the posts you enjoy or you can always pin Artsy Play Wednesday so that you will have access to all of the great ideas at once when you  have more time.  Feel free to comment.  I enjoy reading each one.  It is time to inspire and be inspired.  Enjoy.  

Rubber Ducky Races


     Our community has a rubber ducky race each year to benefit charity. It is free to attend and you can donate money to adopt a duck (or more) to participate in the race. We had the babies' duck costumes from Halloween last year and found out that they still fit. It seemed like the perfect attire for the rubber ducky races. It was nice to go out and support a good cause (local health care for families in need) while enjoying a fun event.

 The babies loved to see the colorful ducks ready for the race.
 Our little ducks were dwarfed by the giant rubber duckies.
 The babies posed with the rubber ducky races mascot.
      The babies were lucky ducks and posed with Olympic athlete Lashinda Demus, who won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games in the 400-meter hurdles in 52:77.  We had never seen an Olympic athlete or a real Olympic medal in person before we had the good fortune to meet Lashinda Demus.  She was warm and friendly and it turns out she also coaches some very fortunate college athletes.          
  After all of the fun at the races, our little ducks enjoyed waddling through the field.
    All in all, it was a wonderful day at the rubber ducky races. We enjoyed sharing community spirit with the babies.  We want them to feel a sense of connection to their community as they grow.  How does your family become involved in your community?  I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.  As always, comments are welcome.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

     We found out that the duck costumes from last year still fit the babies. We took them out as ducks today. I will share more details in Tuesday's post.

  What a difference a year makes! 
    It is amazing how much they have changed.  I hope you are enjoying the Fall season and festivities.  I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.  As always, comments are welcome.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Beautiful Blue Water

     We took our first family vacation and headed to Oregon with Grandma and Grandpa. Crater Lake was awe inspiring. 

 We drank in the crisp clean air and beautiful blue water.

 Xayden's curls caught the sunlight as he gazed
 at the amazing scenery down below.
 Capri exuded enthusiasm as she pointed
 to the breathtaking beauty around her.
 Grandpa and Grandma posed with the babies
before we set them free to explore the inviting path.
     If you have never been to Crater Lake, we would recommend it.  It is stunning in its beauty and we instantly felt like we were on vacation.  Has your family taken any trips together?  I would love to read your thoughts and stories.  As always, comments are welcome. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Artsy Play Wednesday

Artsy Play Wednesday with Capri +3
     Welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3 where each week creative blogs add links to their arts, crafts and play activities posts so that we can be inspired to try new things with the children in our lives.  I will get things started with a play activity we did with the babies recently, and then please join in by adding your links.  We recently took a family trip and went to a children's museum.  It was a museum geared for toddlers and preschool children and they had so much fun playing there.
Xayden loved to drive the fire truck

while Grayson was intrigued by the light table.

Ryder tried on a Western hat and 'drank' a bottle of bouillion cubes in the play store.

Capri started out looking like herself with her own hat as she kissed the dog puppet.

Then, she tried on a faux fur hat

before switching to blonde curls as she shopped in the market.
Finally, she explored being a brunette.
     Now it it is your turn.  Please add as many links as you like to arts, crafts and play posts. It would be great if you would add the Artsy Play Wednesday button (html code above) to your linked post so that your readers can come over and join in the fun.  Feel free to pin any of the posts you enjoy or you can always pin Artsy Play Wednesday so that you can come back later in your free time and have access to all the great ideas at once.  I love to hear from you.  As always, your comments are always welcome.

Raccoons Invade the Pumpkin Patch


      We had so much fun going to the pumpkin patch at a local farm last year that we decided to do it again this year.  It is amazing how much the babies changed in just one year.  Our little ducks were content to sit for a photo last year while this year, they just wanted to get off the hay bales so that they could explore.  You will see from their expressions, that this photo op was not their idea.

 Ryder, Capri, Xayden and Grayson endured a group photo.
 Xayden, Ryder, Grayson and Capri were content to sit before they could walk.
 A field of sunflowers

added bursts of color to an overcast day.

Hundreds of gourds gathered in a celebration of Fall.

Capri was proud of the rock she found amongst the strands of straw.

Capri and Ryder shared a moment

while Xayden hit the jackpot in miniature pumpkins.
People were surprised to see four raccoons invading the pumpkin patch in broad daylight.

 Grayson greeted a goat

 and the goat seemed to share a secret with him
before they parted ways.
     There won't be many more Halloweens that the babies let us pick their costumes.  We are making the most of it now.  We had a wonderful time roaming the pumpkin patch and watching the wonderment on their faces as they interacted with their surroundings.  Has your family been to the pumpkin patch this year?  I would love to hear your stories and thoughts.  As always, comments are welcome.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eating Apples


      As I've mentioned in previous posts, the babies are in early intervention and have physical, educational, speech and occupational therapy each week.  Multiples are often behind due to coming out of the womb a little early so I wanted to get a jump on it so that they will be right on track by the time they are school age.  One of the things I have learned in all of these therapies is that there are a lot of skills I take for granted that I learned before I can remember.  One of these skills is biting food. I never thought about learning that skill.  Babies start out with milk, then purees and eventually move on to food with chunks.  From there, they learn to bite into whole foods such as sandwiches and apples.  It never occurred to me to give the babies something as large as an apple.  The occupational therapist suggested that I peel apples and give them to the babies so they could learn to bite into them without the risk of choking because the apples were too big.  I gave it a shot and they loved it. I imagine it was a nice break from the usual finely chopped fare.

Capri approached her apple with gusto

and Grayson loved the experience of biting into his very own apple.

Xayden put all his concentration into taking a bite

and was pleased with the outcome. 

Ryder contemplated his apple and then watched his siblings
before making many valiant attempts to take a bite.

Eventually I cut the apple for him and he savored it

down to the last morsel on his finger.
     I reported the results to the occupational therapist at their next meeting.  She worked with Ryder by first offering him the whole apple with the same results I had.  Then, she cut it up and taught him how to take bites from bigger and bigger pieces.  In the end, he was still not ready to tackle the whole apple but had made progress.  When did you begin to give your children whole apples?  What experiences have you had teaching your children to eat and drink?  Have they had any therapies?  I would love to hear about your experiences.  As always, comments are welcome

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