Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Riding in the Cart


     We recently took all four babies to the store.  I pushed the shopping cart while Greg pushed the quad stroller.  The babies had never sat in a shopping cart before and were so excited when they each took turns riding in the cart.  It got me thinking that this is a normal day to day experience for kids who are born one at a time.  It is an impossibility when I am alone with four.  When I take them to the store, I push the quad stroller and carry a hand cart in one hand. I pick up only a few items that I am able to carry while pushing over one hundred pounds of baby plus the weight of the stroller. I cannot interact with them the way I can if they are facing me in the shopping cart.  Greg and I decided that when he goes to the store, he will take one baby each time so that they can have that one on one time and the experience of riding in the cart.

     Ryder, Capri and Grayson had all had a turn with Daddy and it was Xayden's turn.  I had given all of the babies a bath and put their pajamas on before Greg got home.  He hesitated when he saw Xayden in his jammies and said he would feel funny taking him out in his pajamas.   I assured him that no one would care if a toddler wore pajamas to the store at night.   Greg decided to put something over his pajamas.  He picked a pair of overalls that did not match and we had a good laugh that he felt better taking him out in a mismatched outfit than his pajamas.

Are you really going to take me outside wearing this?

Well...no one is stopping me, so I guess I will try the door.

Yes!  I get to go out with Daddy.
     Luckily, the door is still Xayden proof and he had to wait for Daddy to open it.  They went out and had a wonderful time at the grocery store and the hardware store.  Xayden could not stop smiling as he pointed at things from his special seat in the shopping cart. We will continue to find ways to spend one on one time with the babies.  The sparkle in their eyes and the smiles on their faces make routine trips to the store anything but routine.  Do you have one on one time out in the community with your children?  I would love to hear from you. As always, comments are welcome.


Katie said...

This is STILL a GOAL of mine & my kids are almost 3! Even taking the kids one-by-one to the store has yet to happen. They throw a fit if one goes vs another, so its just easier if we all go. I usually do stores like Target or Walmart that have that extra seat so I have seats for 3. If I was doing it with 4, one would have to sit IN the cart itself I think. Mine sometimes do that at other stores for quick trips vs a stroller. I used to push a stroller & pull a cart behind me for big trips (it pulls easier from the front vs the handle if anyone ever wants to try it!)

I've heard of other MoMs making a calendar with the "kid of the day" for each day. On their day they get to be the one to go to the store if there is a trip, pick out movies, snacks, breakfast, etc, etc. Anything that needs chosen or done its "their turn" all day that day. Something I have wanted to do, but wanted to wait until I really thought they would get the concept.

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Katie.

I will have to look for the multi seat carts at Target and Walmlart. I have not seen them yet. I wonder if they have them here. The "kid of the day" is a great idea. When they are old enough to understand that, it would be fun to do that four days a week and have the other days be regular days. Thank you for the great tips!

: 0 ) Theresa

The Monko said...

what a lovely way to give each child a bit of special dad time and a ride in the trolley. My son likes shopping trollies, although he likes riding in the actual trolley rather than the seat provided.
I love that Greg didn't want to take a child out in pyjamas. Thats very sweet.

Multiples Mom said...

Hello The Monko.

I am sure the babies would love to ride in the actual cart too rather than the seat...either way they would be excited. It is so great that your kids have been able to meet so many different animals and interact with them. The baby chicks were adorable. Goblin must have been over the moon!

: 0 ) Theresa

Katie said...

This is the carts I mean:


Multiples Mom said...

Thank you Katie! Those are great. I will be on the lookout for those. Maybe we will go as a family first to see if they have those, and if they do, I will go back on my own and try them out. It looks like so much fun. I appreciate your link with the pictures.

: 0 ) Theresa

Janice Doolitle said...

I love this wrap peejays! I want this on for my kiddo, she will look like a little chinese doll. Cute!

Theresa A said...

I just saw your comment Janice.

Thank you!

: 0 ) Theresa

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