Friday, September 7, 2012

Make a Grandparents' Day Card

     Grandparents' Day is this Sunday, September 9th.  Grandparents deserve to have a special day of recognition.  The babies' Nana passed away shortly before Grandparents' Day last year and we lost the babies' Papa in February of this year.  They will be in our hearts this Sunday and every day.  The babies are fortunate that they have my parents, their Grandma and Grandpa as well as Great Grandpa from Greg's side and Great Grandma from my side of the family.  We live too far away from all the grandparents to celebrate with them.  So, the babies are sending a card to Grandma and Grandpa this year.  It is easy to make, and if the grandparents in your life live nearby, you still have time to make one. 

You will  need:

Construction paper in different colors
Glue or two sided tape (The scrapbooking tape rolls work nicely)
Tempera or other non-toxic paint
photograph of each child
A small piece of raffia or ribbon
Hole Punch
Scrapbooking Letters and stickers (optional)
Decorative scissors to trim photos (optional)

  • Put a blob of paint on your child's hands.   Your child can then rub her hands together to spread it  out.  Our babies loved rubbing their hands together with the paint.  Alternatively, you could paint it on their hands which would tickle and create a fun sensory experience.  Have your children make hand prints on different colors of construction paper (one set of hand prints per child).
  • After the hand prints are dry, cut around them.  Older children can do this.
  • Stick (with glue or tape) the  hand prints onto a different color of construction paper.
  • Attach the child's picture above or below the hand prints.
  • For the opening of the card, you can use scrapbooking letters or if the children are old enough to write, they can write their own message and decorate it. 
  • Punch a hole through the pages of the card on the top and tie it with ribbon or raffia in a bow.  This way the grandparents can separate the pages if they prefer to see them all at once.


Ryder (photo by Susana Bates)

Grayson (photo by Susana Bates)

Xayden (Photo by Susana Bates)

Capri (Photo by Susana Bates)

The card finishes with a photo of the babies after the  Block Party

      The babies had a great time making hand prints for the card.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful Grandparents' Day this year.  If your kids make crafts for their grandparents, please comment and add a link.  Or, you could add a link to your craft to Artsy Play Wednesday.  As always, comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I love the card. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing :)

Multiples Mom said...

Thank you! Have a wonderful week.

: 0 ) Theresa

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