Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artsy Play Wednesday


Artsy Play Wednesday with Capri +3
        Last week on Artsy Play Wednesday, We Made That Blogspot linked a post about how to make tambourines from paper plates. That looked like a perfect project for the babies at this age, so we gave it a try.  In order to make it easier, I did the gluing and stapling while the babies were napping.  They decorated the tambourines and were able to play with them right away. We used crayons and paint rather than markers.

I opted to use rice and pasta instead of beads.

Ryder took a moment of contemplation as he colored his tambourine

and Capri paused with her paint in hand.

Xayden had a taste for blue

while Grayson indulged in several colors.

Grayson, Capri and Ryder had a little jam session.

     It was a fun project.  The babies enjoyed playing with the tambourines after they made them and proudly showed them to Daddy when he got home.  I love to read about all the great ideas on Artsy Play Wednesday and try out the ones the babies can do now.  If you have a blog with posts about arts, crafts and play activities, please add links directly to one or several of your posts (so that everyone can easily find your great ideas later).  Please grab the html code from the Artsy Play Wednesday button above and add it to your linked post (or a text link) so that your readers can come over and enjoy the party.  Feel free to pin posts you enjoy or pin Artsy Play Wednesday so that you can come back and try the activities when you have time. Feel free to leave comments on any of the blogs who link up today, or I always love to hear from you here.   It is time to inspire and be inspired.  Enjoy.


Katie Norris said...

You sure make it look easy to have so many kids!! I truly admire you! My two are a handful I can't imagine how you do it!! :-) Thanks for the fun link-up! Mommy With Selective Memory

Jenni said...

Such a fun craft! I love the moments and facial expressions you captured with each of your kids. Thanks for hosting. :)

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Katie.

I love reading all the great ideas on Mommy with Selective Memory. Thank you for linking to your great post about making letters using stones today. That is a wonderful idea. I have started to read your book and I can't wait to read more.

: 0 ) Theresa

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Jenni.

Thank you for coming by and linking up your great ideas. I think it would be a lot of fun to make doll sleeping bags some day for the babies and have a doll camp out. They could choose their own fabrics. I look forward to seeing more of your great ideas in the future.

: 0 ) Theresa

Christi said...

Hi! I'm linking up for the first time....i am Mom to twin boys (almost 2!) and I love reading your blog. I always need new play ideas to keep these monkeys busy. :)

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Christi.

I love the slime gak. We will have to try it. I also love your other post about dress up with pirate costumes. I hope you will be a regular here on Artsy Play Wednesday and on Multiples Monday too.

: 0 ) Theresa

Misty Marie said...

Fun hop! Thanks for stopping by monkeysandtutus! Cant wait to read more!

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Misty Marie. I enjoyed my visit to Monkeys and Tutus. Thank you for coming over and linking your great post about painting with water balloons. I hope you will be a regular on Artsy Play Wednesdays.

: 0 ) Theresa

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