Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Cute T-Shirts for your kids...An Appliqué Tutorial

      I enjoy making appliqué t-shirts for the babies because they are cute, fast and easy.  I can knock them out while the babies are napping.  Since the 4th of July is approaching, I wanted to make the babies matching outfits.  I will make them shorts, which take a little longer, and matching appliqué t-shirts.

What you will need:
Fusible Web for Appliqué (I use Steam-A-Seam)
Template of Design you wish to Appliqué (i.e. star, cowboy boot, heart)
a piece of cardstock paper
Sewing Machine with contrasting or matching thread (or you may sew by hand)
iron and ironing board

Capri agreed to model an appliqué shirt for this tutorial...

     Trace a design onto cardstock and cut it out.  I used this one for the star.  Then, trace it onto the webbed side of the fusible web for applique fabric.  For dark fabrics, use a light colored pen, otherwise, I found out, you need to trace it again onto the paper backing. 

The Star design on fusible web, ready for tracing

Iron the design, still on the fusible web, web side down,  onto the wrong side of the fabric.

    Make sure you have the web side down or you will have a gooey mess on your iron.  I know this from experience.  Iron the design onto the fabric for about 10 seconds, or longer if using a press cloth.  Once it is ironed on and cool enough to handle, cut out your design.  Then, remove the paper backing and place your design onto your t-shirt (fabric right side up) where you would like it and iron it on for at least 15 seconds (or longer with a damp press cloth).  I like to use damp Viva paper towels as press cloths.  After you have ironed it on, you are ready to sew.  If you are hand sewing, sew the design of your choice (such as blanket stitch) around the cut-out shape. 

Sewing around the star using the sewing machine

     If you are machine sewing, pick a stitch, such as zigzag or star on your machine and sew around your shape.    I used the star design on my sewing machine since my shape was a star.  I would suggest using an easier design such as the blanket stitch or zigzag if this is the first time you are trying appliqué.  It is useful to pause in the needle down position to turn your fabric as you sew around your design. Take your time sewing and turning the fabric and make sure that the back side of the t-shirt is not in the way, or else you will sew the shirt together.  When you are done sewing, trim the loose threads from both sides and you are finished.

This is how the star looks on the inside of the shirt.

This is the finished star on the outside of the shirt.

The finished t-shirt

I Heart Daddy was also done using appliqué.  Letters are a little harder than shapes.

I made the babies cowboy boot onesies using appliqué.

     Appliqué is really easy and fun.  The end results look professional and would cost a bundle if sold at a boutique.  There are so many free printable shapes on the web that help to make this an inexpensive project.  If you try this out, let me know how it goes.  Post pictures on the Capri + 3 Facebook page.  I'd love to see your projects.  As always, comments are welcome. 
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Motormouth said...

Love this! Such a cute idea, especially for jazzing up inexpensive t-shirts. Thanks for the easy-to-follow directions, too.

Multiples Mom said...

Thank you Motormouth.

I hope you enjoy making some shirts.

: 0 ) Theresa

amy mayen said...

Those are some cute babies! I love your little onsies:) I'm visiting from Diana Rambles!

Multiples Mom said...

Thank you Amy Mayen.

I appreciate that you stopped by.

: 0 ) Theresa

Janis Cox said...

Great ideas. So cute. And your babies - adorable.
I am following you from House to Home.
Janis - Author of Tadeo Turtle

Theresa A said...

Hi Janis Cox.

I just saw your comment! I apologize for that. Thank you. I have enjoyed your site. I am impressed that you are a published author!

: 0 ) Theresa

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