Thursday, June 7, 2012

Homemade Stovetop Play Dough


     Many years ago, before I met my husband, I used to run play groups for toddlers on Saturdays.  I made a fresh pot of coffee for the parents with toasted bagels.  It was one of the few groups that had just as many Dads as Moms.   Then, I made a fresh batch of play dough right before the group began, so that the toddlers could play with it when it was still warm.

     It took me back to that time in my life when I made the babies a fresh batch of play dough and had them experience it when it was still nice and warm.  It has a different feel than the store bought play dough.  I enjoy kneading it when I take it off the stove.  In the play groups, many of the parents had just as much fun as the kids playing with the dough.  I can see why.  It is fun and relaxing to work with the fresh warm dough.

Stovetop Play Dough Recipe:
2 Cups of All Purpose Flour
1 Cup of Salt
2 Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar
2 Cups of Water
2 Tablespoons of Vegetable Oil
Several Drops of Food Coloring

     Put the dry ingredients into a large sauce pan.  Add food coloring in the desired color to the water.  Add the colored water and vegetable oil to the dry ingredients.  Cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens.  Take it off of the heat and remove it from the pan as soon as it is cool enough to handle.  Knead the dough for one to two minutes.  Then, as soon as it is cool enough for your children to handle, but still warm to the touch, it is time to play.  You can play with it when it is completely cool of course, but it is more fun to play with it the first time when it is still warm.  Rolling pins and cookie cutters are a fun addition to the play time.  You can also show your kids how to roll the dough into 'worms' with their hands.  You can save it for a week by placing it into a sealed bag or container in your refrigerator. 

Capri loved to play with the cookie cutters

and Grayson enjoyed them too.

Xayden thought the dough tasted all right.

So, Ryder gave it a try

and found it to be disgusting.

Luckily, he was able to enjoy it once again when it was no longer in his mouth.

     It was fun making stovetop play dough for the babies.  They enjoyed cutting out shapes and squishing the dough with their hands.  Have you made stovetop play dough with your children?  What activities has your family recently enjoyed?  I would love to hear your stories and ideas.  As always, comments are welcome.  


Anonymous said...

This is so great! We use the same exact recipe at the preschool; and the same one that I was given in kindergarten (Mom tells me). :) Such a great recipe and what a wonderful way for them to experience shapes, sizes and colors while enhancing their motor skills. :D thank you for sharing this, Theresa!

Olusola said...

Lovely idea; I did not realise the kids were old enough to play with dough. I have to try this at home

anna said...

Love this post, thanks for sharing! I'm so stealing this idea and doing it myself :).

Multiples Mom said...

I hope you and your kids enjoy this Olusola and Anna.

: 0 ) Theresa

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