Monday, May 7, 2012

Multiples Monday

multiples monday with capri +3

     Welcome to the first Multiples Monday!  If you have a blog about multiples, I welcome you to add a new link to a recent or beloved post each Monday.  I would appreciate it if you would add a link back to this post on your site.  The code for the Multiples Monday button is above or you can add a text link.  That way, everyone can enjoy the party.  Please do not link to a contest or to your site in general.  Instead, link to a specific blog post.  I am excited you are here and I can't wait to check out your links!  Please stop by every Monday to add a link or to read about the adventures of families with multiples. 


vermonter said...

I clicked the button to vote for you , however I was wondering if I have to be registered in first before my vote will count? I enjoy your blog.

Olusola said...

Too bad I missed the linky, saw your blog from the circle of moms. I have this inexplicable desire to find all the blogs of multiples born in Nov 2010 so I'm excited to find your blog. New follower here :)

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Vermonter. I do not think you have to be registered...but I am not sure. I will look into that. Thanks for voting. You can vote for me on Picket Fence by clicking that button up to once a day (whenever you stop by). Have a great day. Thanks again.

: 0 ) Theresa

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Olusola.
Please link your blog up next Monday. I will do Multiples Monday every week. Your twins are adorable. I look forward to seeing your posts on Mondays. Thanks for reading. Have a nice week.

: 0 ) Theresa

Karen said...

We missed out on this one this week but look forward to next week. We have a linky party going on at our blog too :) You're welcome to join us :)

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Karen. I will have to visit your party. Thank you. I will look forward to seeing a link to one of your posts next week. Have a wonderful week.

: 0 ) Theresa

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