Friday, May 18, 2012

First Time at the Dentist


    If you read my post about brushing teeth, you know I brush and floss the babies' teeth three times a day, every day.  After doing this routine since January,  it was time to take them to their first pediatric dental visit.  It was nice that their pediatric dentist also happened to be their uncle.

The 'fun' on Grayson's shirt was not mirrored on his face as he awaited his check-up.

 Xayden and Ryder cautiously eyed the waiting room

 and decided they liked the friendly alligator on a nearby seat.

 Grayson experienced his first cleaning with trepidation

 while Xayden was pretty mellow about the whole visit.

 Capri's terror was evident on her face

 and Ryder was happy as long as his mouth was closed.

     I was pleased with the absence of cavities.  It made the twelve times a day routine feel worthwhile. While the babies did not enjoy having their teeth inspected and cleaned, they were cooperative with the process.  I learned about 'lap to lap' dental care.  Small children sit on the lap of their caregiver while they lean back onto the lap of the dentist or hygienist.  I had pictured them lying in a dental chair like an adult or bigger child.  They would have been swimming and possibly flailing in such a big chair.  Lap to lap is a great idea.  What experiences have you or your families had at the dentist?  I would love to hear your stories. As always, comments are welcome.  


john said...

Nice post. With beautiful picz. parents should take their child to go to the dentist as a young age, before any problems arise, So that they will be unanxious from dentist as well their teeth is also checked.

Multiples Mom said...

Hi John.

Thank you. I agree that early dental care is important and may help increase their comfort with going to the dentist.

: 0 ) Theresa

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