Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sticker Fun

      The babies are learning to identify parts of their bodies and are proud to point out their noses and ears. I decided to change things up a bit and used stickers from the dollar store on their faces as we named each part. I also put them on their hands and arms. Then, I put stickers on my face which was endlessly amusing for them. This progressed into looking at their sticker covered faces in the mirror and placing the stickers onto paper. The sticky sensation and visual appeal were entertaining.

Xayden temporarily forgot about the stickers on his face

as he admired a sparkly sticker on his hand.

He was amused by the stickers on my face.

Ryder placed a sticker on his nose

and then took it off when he saw himself in the mirror.

Grayson found the helicopter on his nose entertaining

and was in awe of his image in the mirror.

After placing his stickers on paper, he played a spontaneous game of peek-a-boo.

Capri was delighted by the sticker on her nose

and loved using stickers to name her body parts.

Then, she admired the stickers on her face.

     The babies enjoyed a morning of sticker fun.  The stickers helped them learn to identify parts of their body from a different perspective.  What have you done to make learning fun for your kids?  I would love to hear your stories and ideas.  As always, comments are welcome.


Sleeping Mom said...

Love this! My toddler just started sticking stickers on his face and hands for no apparent reason haha. The funny thing too is that he had a set of multi-colored happy face stickers, and he would stick the red happy faces on his forehead while sticking all the other colors on a piece of paper.

Multiples Mom said...

Hi 'Sleeping Mom.' Very cute! It is great to see the world through a toddler's eyes and remember that stickers are fun to stick on your face or anywhere else.

I enjoyed your post about Dads being co-parents. It was well written and so true.

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