Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Splish Splash, 4 Babies in a Bath

     Most of the time, we bathe the babies individually in a baby tub.  Last week, I experimented with two babies in the big tub.  Then, my husband and I tried the ultimate;  four babies in the bath.  As multiples, even a bath can be a party.

Xayden, Grayson and Capri share toys.

They have a shampoo conference

and enjoy the wonder of water.

They played until the bath party came to a close.

When  it was time to dry off, Capri was warm and relaxed.

     The bath party was a fun and free way to spend the evening.  What to you do to make baths more fun for your kids?  What have your families been doing lately?  I would love to hear from you.  As always, comments are welcome.


anna said...

Wow, 4 babies in the tub at the same time, you are brave and have a big tub! :). We always bathe the twins at the same time (18 months). There's usually a splash fest at every bath and I hide behind the shower curtain. That usually makes them splash even more, lol!


Multiples Mom said...

Hi Anna. They did not splash too much this time, probably because of the novelty of being there together for the first time. I imagine we will have many splash fests in the future. Your twins are so adorable.

: 0 ) Theresa

teacheranne27 said...

This so sweet I have twin neices which are now 30. Yrs old and when they were babies I would help their mom a lot and it was such fun we laughed a lot .thankfully they both had their own personality because they really looked alike and one was crawling and the other would scoot we were a little worried at first but scooter took off walking just the same as bug so we figured out scooter was just laid back and bug was out going they both are doing well and are nurses I'm so proud of them

Multiples Mom said...

I can relate to your story Anne. When they are little, all those milestones happening in a certain timeline seem so important, especially when you have more than one to compare. With our babies, the ones who were slower to crawl also caught up just fine, on their own timeline. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your nieces. Thank you for sharing.

: 0 ) Theresa

Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Wow. I just have to say, WOW!!! Four babies in a tub! Four babies sounds like a lot, but it REALLY sounds like a lot when you see them all in a tub together!! You amaze and inspire me!!

Oh, and thanks for your sweet comments on my post about my doggie...

Multiples Mom said...

Thank you Mommy with Selective Memory.
I enjoy reading your blog. You have lots of creative ideas and wonderful stories.

: 0 ) Theresa

warmstrong said...

Loved reading this entry! I have twins and it was a big day for us to just put the two of them in the tub at the same time. I can't imagine it with four! Those special moments seem to be flying by, don't they? Even in the craziness I try to enjoy every minute. Thanks for blogging about your many adventures! I enjoy them all!

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Warmstrong.
Your twins are adorable! They clearly enjoyed their recent cupcakes. Yes, the special moments do fly by and we are trying to enjoy them all. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.

: 0 ) Theresa

buy 4 less said...

Many parents choose free-standing plastic tubs specifically designed for newborns. Others opt for plastic basins or inflatable tubs that fit inside the bathtub.

Multiples Mom said...

Hi buy 4 less.

Yes, we have used the plastic baby tubs. They have now graduated into the big tub. It is more fun for them to bathe together.

: 0 ) Theresa

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