Sunday, March 4, 2012

Garden Adventure

  The beautiful day beckoned us to go outside and visit the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino.  The grounds are beautiful.  I highly recommend this as a place to visit in Southern California.  The babies love outings.  It is great for them to experience nature and have a frame of reference for the animals and flowers in their story books.  They were fascinated by the geese in the pond.

Watching the geese and koi

A beautiful goose shakes off the water

     It was such a beautiful day.  Surrounded by fragrant flowers, we felt as if we had stepped into a water color painting.


     One of the highlights of our garden adventure was a fountain in the children's area.  It was designed to be experienced.

The boys embraced it while Capri held back.

Capri, Ryder, Xayden and Grayson

Capri and Ryder

Grayson was at one with the fountain.

Capri and Ryder watched the other children for a moment.

     When it was time to go, all three boys were wet. We changed Xayden and Ryder into cozy coats.   Capri was dry and comfortable.  Grayson was completely soaked.  He has a tendency to get hot in the car, so he was shirtless on the journey back.

It was clear that he had a really good time.

     What adventures have your families experienced lately?  I'd love to hear your stories.  As always, comments are welcome.


Twin Mama said...

This looks like Huntington Gardens in So Cal! I took the boys there a few weeks ago with my MIL and it was super much fun, but they got VERY WET. I didn't have any extra clothes for them so I had to strip them and leave just their jackets on. Its such a balance between packing enough to still be nibble and enough to cover your tush when accidents happen. It looks like you use two double strollers? That's rough mama. Would it be easier to get a triple and wear someone on your back? I'm sure you've tried out your different options.

When strangers ask if they are quads, do you just say yes? When the babies were little I was asked all the time if they were natural and I would just say yes because Seriously? You are a stranger in the grocery store and you want my medical history? Sorry, no.

BTW, I love how you have the blog set up so I see updates in my FB feed. Makes it much easier to remember to check it. I wish all my favorite blogs did that!


Multiples Mom said...

Hi Melanie.

You are right. It is the Huntington Gardens. I agree with you that it is a delicate balance trying to pack enough without being overloaded.

We also have a quad stroller but it means, if my husband and I are together, then one person has to push many pounds of babies. I use it when I am by myself though.

When strangers ask, it depends on the situation and my mood. It is probably 50/50 as to whether or not I will say 'yes' when asked if they are quads. My husband almost always calls them quads because he does not wish to tell the story. If we know we are going to see people again though, we will tell them the story.

Thanks for your comments. I hope to hear from you again soon. Have a wonderful week.

:0) Theresa

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