Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dance of the Ducks

     One local shopping center has a pond full of ducks.  Families gather to feed the ducks and watch them glide effortlessly across the water.  Our babies are too young to feed them.  We tried, but they assumed that all the stale bread was for them.   We fed the ducks while they watched from their strollers.  The babies were fascinated by the dance of the ducks as they rallied for a piece of bread.  

Dance of the Ducks

Xayden and Capri watch the ducks.

Ryder (front) and Grayson (back) enjoy the display.

     When the bread ran out, we walked over to a restaurant for a late lunch.  The babies had already eaten and remained in their strollers.  We have learned that straws are easy entertainment.  We only use them when we are out at a restaurant, so the novelty effect will last.  It is amazing how long they remain amused. 







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