Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unwelcome Guest

    The stomach flu inspires you to sprint to the bathroom not knowing which way to turn until after you arrive.  It takes over the household refusing to be ignored.  The flu became an unwelcome guest in our home several days ago and appears to have settled in.  We are hoping for a speedy exit, but so far, to no avail. It has insisted on been spending quality time with me and the babies.  Fortunately, it has ignored Greg.
     When I got married, during times of illness, I began to take care of my husband Greg, in the way he remembered his Mom taking care of him.  I make him grilled cheese sandwiches and soup just like his Mom did whenever he gets sick.  My Mom invented a potato soup when I had my wisdom teeth out that I crave when I get sick.  Cooked peeled potatoes are combined in the blender with vegetable broth and some parmesan cheese.  I made this for myself in order to have the energy take care of our four sick babies while I, too, am sick. 
     The babies do not understand that they are sick.    Adults take on more of a sick persona which has an underlying quality of misery.  Commercials for flu remedies demonstrate this look very well when they show how someone looks before the medicine.   The babies, who do not have that interpretive overlay of illness, vacillate between laughing and crying with equal fervor.  Their giggles in the midst of the flu help to prevent me from adopting a sick persona.  I do not have time for that.

    Getting Hydrated:

     Instead, I have focused on keeping the babies hydrated and content.  The soiled sheets and clothes are whisked away and washed. The babies have their routine of meals, play time and nap time.  Extra hugs and cuddles are given.  Their giggles and cuddles take care of me while I take care of them.


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