Friday, February 17, 2012

Things People Do...

     We stand out when we go places with four babies.  We try to make that the only reason we stand out.  We don’t want to stand out because our kids are flinging food across the room or because they are the loudest babies around.  We plan outings when they are well fed or about to be fed.  We try to make sure they are rested and happy. 
    We have taken the babies out to eat several times in their lives; usually they lay in the strollers while we ate.  This worked very well until the babies figured out that we were eating and they were not.  So, we recently began to have them eat with us.  We go in off-peak hours so that we do not cause a burden to the restaurants as we take up a lot of space.  The first time the babies sat in high chairs, it went surprisingly well.  They were fascinated by their surroundings and enjoyed their kids’ meals.  Our server was wonderful and gave them snacks to tide them over until their meals arrived.  

     The second time we went out to eat with the babies; the owner approached us and offered matchbox cars for the babies.  He asked if they were still too young and we told him yes, but thanked him for the offer.  The babies did pretty well eating at the table.  When it was time to leave, our server told us that the owner had comped us.  We asked him to convey our thanks to the owner who had gone home.  We tipped our server and went on our way, touched by this act of kindness.  The owner made us feel welcome and earned our loyalty.  We will be back.
     Occasionally, I take the babies by myself to the grocery store in the quad stroller.  I pick up a few things in a hand basket because a regular shopping cart is not possible.  On one of these occasions, a woman who spoke very little English handed me ten dollars for diapers.  I refused over and over and she insisted.  Finally, as we were creating quite the scene, I accepted her generous gift.  How amazing for one person to go out of her way to help another family.  She will not be forgotten.  I spent about ten dollars on some diapers for the babies and thought of those diapers as the ones she purchased.  While we have bought hundreds of diapers since that trip to the grocery store, I kept her original ten dollars in a drawer as a reminder of her kindness.  

     Experiences like these inspire us to do for others as the restaurant owner and the woman at the grocery store have done for us.  Random acts of kindness have a domino effect, spreading positive energy one person at a time.
     What nice things have others done for you?  What things have you done for others?  I would love to hear your stories.  As always, comments are welcome.


Cindy said...

Your stories made me smile- thanks for sharing!

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Cindy. Thank you for reading.

: 0 ) Theresa

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful acts of kindness!

Multiples Mom said...

Hi Jdaniel4's Mom. Yes, It is so uplifting to see acts of kindness. I just looked at your blog and saw your BLT mardi gras mask. That is so creative--an edible work of art!

: 0 ) Theresa

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