Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poop Under my Nails

     When you have a baby, or in my case four, poop becomes a topic of interest.  Other parents are discussing it and comparing notes on the playground.  Are they pooping enough?  Breast milk turns the poop a bit yellow whereas formula makes darker colored doodies.  Sometimes babies have trouble and strain while others are super poopers.

     I have spent some serious time with baby poop in the last year.  One time, I changed an especially messy diaper and then washed my hands.  My nose detected something unpleasant and so I smelled my hands.  They still smelled like poop.  How could this be?  I just washed them.  I examined my hands closely and found brown remnants of the last diaper hiding under my nails.  Yuck!  I scraped it out and washed my hands repeatedly and still that scent lingered, like garlic lingers after cooking. 

Grayson, blissfully unaware of the nuances of poopy diapers (Photo by Susana Bates)

     I vowed to use a glove on my wiping hand from that moment on.  I did not need a second life lesson on poop.  I got it the first time, loud and clear.  When I shared this with some other parents, a couple of Moms gave me a look that suggested that a glove is a wimpy way of handling poop.  Real Moms must have poop under their nails or be experts at avoiding this phenomenon.   I would rather go for those doody diapers with gusto, without being petrified of poop under my nails. 


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