Monday, December 26, 2011

Adventures in Fertility, Part IV


     We needed a new oven for our frozen buns.  The search was on.  We explored many options for surrogacy and decided to go through an agency because it felt more secure.  In the online profiles galore,  one person stood out.  There was something about her smile and the warmth in her eyes.  The caption under her picture read, "on hold."  We were unsure as to what that meant, guessing that maybe her application was on hold.  It turned out that she was on hold for another couple.  We were told that we would have a chance to meet her if the arrangement with the other couple fell through.  What were the chances of that?  "Slim," we thought. 
      But, much to our surprise, their doctor had rejected her.  Sometimes, facilities want to have great stats so that they look good to potential patients.  She had had slight gestational diabetes in her last pregnancy and that was enough for their doctor to put a halt to the arrangement.  We were very excited at this stroke of luck and anxious to meet her. 

     The meeting was set up at the agency office, a neutral location for both our potential surrogate and for us. When we saw her in the waiting room, looking just like her picture, we felt instantly comfortable. The warmth from the photograph was real.  In our meeting, we hit if off right away.  We wanted someone who was comfortable carrying twins or triplets.  Since this was our last shot at having a family, as we could not afford to do surrogacy twice, we wanted a surrogate who was open to the possiblity of multiples.  She agreed that she was comfortable carrying up to three babies, though we all knew the chances of that were slim.  She had three kids of her own and had done two previous surrogacies.  In those surrogacies, three embryos were transferred, and only one implanted resulting in two single baby pregnancies. Typically, more than one embryo is transferred in the hope that one will take. 

     The next step was all of the paperwork and arrangements with the agency.  We were then set up to have a transfer of embryos in the New Year.  We were anxious and excited to begin the process.

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