Saturday, December 20, 2014

From the mouths of Sugar Snaps-3

     We enjoy all of the funny things the Sugar Snaps say. I try to write as many down as I can to capture these moments in time.  Here are their latest musings.

Capri-  "I miss Grandma and Grandpa."

Me- "Me too.  But, we're going to see them for Christmas."

Capri-  "We did not see them on Thanksgiving."

Me- "Yes.  That was in November.  Now we're in the month of....De...?"

Capri-  "hydrate?"

     Xayden  put his hand on my chest during a recent trip to a restaurant and asked, "do these go up during the day and down at night?" We have a balloon Santa that deflates during the day and inflates at night.  He thought that my breasts did the same thing (in reverse). 

Ryder was having intestinal issues.  "Mama, I'm still sick.  There are trains in my tummy."

Capri:  "What are we going to name our [Christmas] tree?"

Me-  "I don't know.  What would you like to name it?"

Capri-  "Taco."

We were out with our friend who watches the Sugar Snaps when we go on an occasional date night.  Grayson observed that we were not out on a date while they were at home and then said happily, "We are all out on a date."

     Do you remember some of the funny things your children have said or done?  Please feel free to share them here in the comments.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make a Light Bulb Model

     This week, the theme of Playful Preschool is lights.  We decided to explore light bulbs and then make our own light bulb model.  Xayden was the most fascinated with this process because he likes to take things apart and try to figure out how they work.  
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You will need:
     We discussed the basic components of a light bulb in preschool terms:
  • The filament (heats up and glows when hot)
  • Support Wires (supports filament)
  • Glass Bulb
  • Inert Gas  (prevents light bulb from bursting with the heat)
  • Base with threads to screw into the light fixture

     Estimate what size you need to make the filament/support wire and cut it to size. You can use one wire and bend it to simulate both.  I found that easier than cutting separate wires. We originally tried to use a pipe cleaner which was easier for our preschoolers to manipulate, but it was too bulky inside of the ornament and lost the shape.  After you have shaped the wire, remove the cap from the ornament and insert it inside.  Pull the ends of the wire through the cap and put it back on.  Trim the ends or wrap them around the cap. Cut (or have your preschooler cut) the cardboard (TP roll size) tube in half.  Have your preschooler wrap the foil around the tube, tucking the insides into the tube to make the base.  Have your preschooler set the ornament light bulb model into the base.  Turn on the push LED light (if using) and place the light bulb model in the base on top. Have your preschoolers identify the parts of the light bulb model.


     If you don't have an LED push light, you could try using a flashlight underneath while holding it up (being careful not to drop the ornament).  We had a lot of fun examining light bulbs and making our own model. Have you explored lights with your children or students? If you haven't, there are a lot of wonderful FREE educational lesson plans from the Playful Preschool team. 

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