Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rope Balance Game for Kids

     I remember enjoying rope balance games as a child.  I decided to make a variation of one I did and try it with our kids. They had a lot of fun practicing their balance and trying to knock each other off balance.

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Rope Balance Game:
You Will Need:
  • A piece of rope
  • Two equal size sturdy things to balance on. We used Gonge River Stones (which we also use for obstacle courses and other games).
     Play with two players at a time (or sets of two players each.)  Set your stones (or other balancing object) a few feet apart and give one end of the rope to each player.  Have them hold the rope with one hand so there is some slack on the end.  Start with two feet on the stone and on the count of three, have them each pull trying to knock the other player off balance.  Once they have mastered two feet, have them try one foot.  This game can be played indoors or out on a soft surface.  I found that it is harder than it sounds as they are not used to balancing while someone is pulling on them. 

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