Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ending Word Sounds Flower Activity

     Our kids are fascinated by rhyming words and are starting to understand that, in order for a word to rhyme, it needs to have the same ending sound.  I made ending word sound flowers for them to practice the concept.

Ending Word Sounds Flower Game

You will need:
  • construction paper in various colors
  • scissors
  • marker
  • poster board to set the game up on (completely optional-this makes it easier to move around.)

     Cut circles out for the flower centers.  Then cut out petals for the flowers (one color per flower).  Write the ending word sound on the flower centers.  Write the beginning sound on the petals.  Make stems and leaves and set them on the background.  Place the center of one flower on the stem.  Hand the child a petal and line it up next to the ending sound.   Then, your preschooler can sound out the word and place the petal on the flower. You can do this with one child or each child can place a petal one at a time by sounding out each word until the flower is formed.  Then, it is on to the next flower.  If you are using this in your classroom, I would suggest laminating the pieces so they can be used for years to come.  They can be stored in Ziploc bag.

10+ Flower Garden Learning Activities for Kids

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Get outside with your preschooler and explore nature while hunting for flowers by color! Use the included printable to record your findings and then practice various math concepts with your data. 

A Honey Bee Craft and Science Activity for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It
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 Kid-Made Cupcake Liner FlowersChildren love to create art using a variety of materials. Grab some colorful cupcake liners, buttons, and pompoms and watch their creativity bloom!  - Fun-A-Day 

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Take learning outdoors. Fill the driveway with letter flowers and provide your child with plenty of opportunities to practice writing, matching, and tracing the alphabet. 

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There is so much playful math involved with our Flower Number Garden! Our kids especially loved the "magical" way we made them "grow!"

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Make an easy word family game with paper flowers to practice reading simple CVC or consonant- vowel - consonant words.

Finger Print Flowers by Powerful Mothering

Ask your child to make a beautiful flower garden with their fingers, sit back, and watch the magic.

Letter Recognition Flowers by Rainy Day Mum

Work with preschoolers on letter recognition with this reusable flowers activity that is simple to make and can be used again and again. 

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