Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gratitude-Put Your Best Foot Forward Footprint Craft and Activity #playfulpreschool

     What do you say?  This is a parental reminder to our children to say 'thank you' and express gratitude.  That often produces a rote response which does not sound heartfelt.  This week, on Playful Prechool, our team of Blogger educators is focusing on teaching gratitude to children in lessons that go beyond reminders.  I hope you have been enjoying the weekly themed activities and are following our hashtag, #playfulpreschool across social media so that you can enjoy all of the free lesson plans. 

     If you have been following Capri + 3 for a while, you know we enjoy doing hand and footprint crafts.  This week, Greg made two FREE PRINTABLES for you to use with your children or students which read, "Gratitude, Put Your Best Foot Forward."  One is horizontal for smaller feet and the other is vertical for bigger feet.  Our four 4 year-old children could barely fit their feet in the horizontal page, so I suggest you use the vertical if your children are over the age of four or have longer feet. 

Gratitude:  Put Your Best Foot Forward Footprint Craft:

You Will Need:

     After you have printed the Gratitude sheet, use the paint brush to paint your child's foot.  We printed their feet for them so that the footprints wouldn't smear.  If your child is able to stand on the paper without smearing the footprint, that would work too.  Wash their feet.  Allow to dry. 

     We also did a gratitude activity that went along with the footprint craft.  We went to a local hiking trail, and they took turns saying one thing they were thankful for with each step.  Here is a video of Capri 'putting her best foot forward' to talk about gratitude.

     How have you conveyed the concept of gratitude to your children or students?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Artsy Play Wednesday--Free Thanksgiving Printables

       Capri + 3,  Multi-Testing Mommy  Country Fit Family

     Welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday.  In our ongoing linky, the newest entries show first.  I feature different posts each week which gives you a good chance of being featured.     If you are looking for creative ideas to try with your children or students, you can  check here and click through the links to find some inspiration.  This week, I am featuring FREE Thanksgiving Printables.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

     Please click through to these posts to read the tutorials or pin them for later. 
     If you are looking for a fun family activity this Thanksgiving, print out this free gratitude tree printable from Simply Fun Families and have family members fill it out!
     Challenge your preschoolers or kindergarten children to these fun, free printable math activities from Stella 123. 

     Now it is your turn to share your posts and find new crafts and activities.  If you share a post you give permission for us to use one image individually or in a round-up collage with a link back to your post so that we can feature you.

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