Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Artsy Play Wednesday-Painting Idea Round-up

   Welcome!   This is the second week that Artsy Play Wednesday will be featuring many of YOUR crafts in regular themed round-ups. So by linking up you may get the chance to be featured and shared across all of our social media. The more crafts you link up the higher your chances of being chosen.

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1.  Painting with Monster Truck Wheels from Crayon Box Chronicles.
2.  Drip Painting from Tutus and Tea Parties.
3.  Sensory Watermelon Painting from Teach Through Play.
4.  Salad Spinner Art from Mama to 5 Blessings.
5.  Carpet Square Sensory Painting from Crayon Box Chronicles.
6.  Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper from Crayon Box Chronicles.
7.  Rain Painting from The Pleasantest Thing.
8.  Soda Bottle Flower Prints from Craftulate.
9.  Sensory Sand Paint from House of Burke.
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    Friday, April 18, 2014

    Easter Egg Hunt on the Farm

         I braved taking the Sugar Snaps to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark on my own while Greg was at work.  The parking lot was the busiest I have ever seen it due to Spring Break.  We all held hands and went straight to the egg hunt which, lucky for us,  had no wait.   It was fun to see them picking out their 6 eggs each.  When they took too many, they tossed the others on the straw laden ground for other children to find.

         We left the egg hunt and headed for the Easter Bunny. We managed to beat the rush there too with only a couple of families ahead of us. Capri actually wanted to sit in his lap!  This was a first for any character we have ever met.  She really wanted him to know that she was hoping there would be a magic wand in her Easter basket this year (since I had told her to ask the Easter bunny when she told me she wanted a wand).  We went to Underwood for this same event last year and it is amazing how much they've grown!

         I was excited that they managed to sit down and admire their eggs without opening them!

         They were fascinated by the people approaching the big basket to take their photos and were not interested in looking in my direction (no matter how hard I tried). 
        They each played 'spin the wheel' for a prize.  They did not understand it, so I was able to whisk the prizes into my bag so that they would not compare prizes.
         The bean and grain bin was their favorite activity.  The had the best time scooping up the mixture in containers and pouring into other containers or back into the bin.  Have you been on any egg hunts this year or had any bunny encounters? I'd love to read your stories in the comments.

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Downward Facing Dog

          I used to love doing yoga while I was pregnant and took yoga classes at the gym before I met Greg. I have been meaning to get back to it but have found it challenging when I am home with the Sugar Snaps.  So, I bought a yoga for kids video to pique the Sugar Snaps' interest.  I have many videos of adults doing yoga already. When Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories decided to do a yoga series with many bloggers doing yoga with their kids, I jumped at the chance to put the video to use and start us out doing yoga as a family. She assigns a pose a month to work on.  That is a perfect pace for us right now and the inspiration I needed to get started!

         They were all amused by downward facing dog. Since we have a new puppy, they loved the idea that the pose is similar to what dogs do naturally to stretch.  It was interesting to see their varying levels of flexibility.  Grayson has been doing his own version of Downward Facing Dog since he was a baby.  We always thought he would take well to yoga as he seems to be naturally flexible.  Grayson is in the orange shirt below and I do think he is a natural!

       Here is Grayson when he was 8 months old doing his version of Downward Facing Dog:

         We are looking forward to practicing Downward Facing Dog and trying out the new poses each month.  Have you practiced yoga with your children?  I'd love to hear from you.  Comments are always welcome. 
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