Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Artsy Play Wednesday-Fall Activities

       Capri + 3,  Multi-Testing Mommy  Country Fit Family

     Welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday. In our ongoing linky, the newest entries always show first.  This is wonderful for you if you are linking up because you will have weekly exposure for your posts.   Capri + 3, Multi-testing Mommy and Country Fit Family share different features each week, increasing your chances of being featured.  If you are looking for creative ideas to try with your children or students, you can always check here and click through the links to find some inspiration.  This week, I am featuring Fun Fall Activities.

    I love these Leaf Suncatchers from Country Fit Family.  They would make the windows look really festive.
     Now it is your turn to share your posts and to find new ideas to try.  If you share a post you give permission for us to use one image individually or in a round-up collage with a link back to your post so that we can feature you.

Fall Fun at the Beach

      We went on a Fall beach getaway with my parents (Grandma and Grandpa) last week.  It was wonderful to be at the beach with cooler temperatures and less of a crowd.
This is the beautiful spot where the Russian river meets the ocean.
We spent time at "one of the most deadly beaches in California."
     We did not realize we were going to a dangerous beach until we started towards the trail and a lifeguard, upon seeing us with the Sugar Snaps, stopped and warned us to stay away from the water.  Then, we saw the sign pictured above.  We were still able to have a great time outside of the water.  You can see how the waves could sneak up on people and knock them down. 

     One of my best friends, who is Capri's Godmother, met us at the beach.  I liked the way they looked together in shadow.
Grayson examined a rock he found on the beach.
     I remember spending hours examining stones while out in nature as a child.  The picture above with Grandpa and the dangerous beach sign shows him observing a rock.  I still love to look at rocks, shells and plants when we are enjoying the outdoors.  It is fun to see that the Sugar Snaps share this up close enthusiasm for nature.
Xayden and Capri were blissfully unaware of their sand goatees. 
Grandpa buried a delighted Xayden in sand.
Capri also enjoyed being covered in sand.
 Grayson, Capri and Xayden had fun discovering a fallen log.
Grandpa and Ryder experienced the magic of the waves as they crashed into shore.
     Have you been to the beach this Fall?  Where have you been going to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Fall season?  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corny Science: Will it sink or float? #playfulpreschool

     This week's theme for Playful Preschool is Harvest. We are lucky to have family farms close by and we stopped this week at a Farmer's Market stand and bought some freshly harvested corn. The Sugar Snaps love corn and corn on the cob is always a hit in our family. To celebrate the harvest theme, we decided to do a fun science experiment using the corn. Luckily, this experiment uses very little corn, leaving the rest for eating!

Corny Science:  Will it sink or float?

You will need:
  • Two clear glasses
  • Children's drinking cups (for number of children participating)
  • Club soda (carbonated water)
  • Water (still)
  • Two kernels of fresh corn
  • Two kernels of dried popcorn un-popped
  • Two pieces of popcorn 
     Pour a little still water into each child's cup.  Have the children drink the water.  Then, have each child taste a little carbonated water.  Have them observe the differences between the carbonated and still water.  Next, pour some still water into one clear glass and some carbonated water into another glass  Have the children observe and discuss the behavior of the bubbles in the carbonated water.  Teach them the basic definition of the word buoyancy and use variations of the word throughout the lesson so that they grasp the meaning.

     The pictures on the left are their reactions to still water and the images on the right capture their reactions to carbonated water.  You can see we have never served them soda before.

     Set the kernels of fresh corn, dried popcorn and popped popcorn on the table.  Prior to dropping each kernel of corn into the two types of water, have each child predict if it will float or sink.   Then, have your child drop a kernel of fresh corn into the still water and see what happens.  Next, have your child, drop a fresh kernel into the carbonated water and observe the result.  Repeat with the dried corn and then finally the popped corn.  Discuss how the bubbles in the carbonated water help the corn to float.  If you'd like to take it a step further, create a simple bar graph that they can color in to demonstrate the differences. 

     The Sugar Snaps had a great time with this experiment and loved seeing whether or not their predictions came true.  Some figured out that the bubbles in the carbonated water helped the kernels to float even before we had that discussion.  I love to see the look of wonder in their eyes as they make new discoveries. 

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