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Crossing Guard-Learning and Imaginative Play #playfulpreschool

     This week the theme for Playful Preschool is Community Helpers.  Each week, our group of blogger educators shares a series of free preschool curriculum activities related to the weekly theme.  If you have missed any of these posts or want to look back and try out the activities, follow the hashtag #playfulpreschool across social media.  Also, on the bottom of each post, is a series of links to the other posts in the weekly theme making it convenient to form a lesson plan. 

     We decided to go and meet a local crossing guard and find out more about what she does.  Miss Anita helped us practice safely crossing the street by learning to wait for the sound of her whistle before crossing.  She told the Sugar Snaps that they would be able to hear the whistle better than her voice.  We stopped what we were doing, looked out for cars and listened for her whistle.  She showed us how she holds her stop sign with one hand and holds her other hand out in a stop gesture to remind cars to stop.  She had the Sugar Snaps practice the stance.  Miss Anita showed us her bright colored vest and quizzed the Sugar Snaps about why it was that color.  They figured out that the bright color made her easier for drivers to spot.  She informed us that crossing guards work at the same schools each day so that they can get to know the children and parents in the community which enhances safety for everyone.

     Greg made us a printable stop sign which we will share with you so you can make a stop sign with your children or students.  Click the link below to download yours.

Free Printable Stop Sign

Make a Stop Sign:
You will need:
  • 2 copies of the free printable stop sign per child
  • Tape
  • One craft stick per child
  • Glue stick or white glue
  • Children's scissors

  Discuss the octagon shape of the stop sign. Have the children count the sides and then cut out the stop sign.  This is great for developing scissor skills!  Our four preschoolers were all at different levels.  Some signs required tape for repair.

Next, have your preschoolers tape the craft stick handle onto the inside of one of the stop signs.  Then, they can add glue and put the two signs together like a puzzle.  Ours found fitting them together with the glue inside to be a little bit tricky and some needed assistance with that step. 

    'Stop, Look and Listen'
     Discuss safety rules for crossing the street:
  • Hold hands with a grown-up.
  • Stop away from the edge of the curb.
  • Look both ways for cars more than once.
  • Listen for cars.
  • If there is a crossing guard, follow instructions and wait for the sound of the whistle.
     Go out in the neighborhood with the homemade stop signs to practice.  Discuss how crossing guards are specially trained community helpers and that kids can pretend to be crossing guards but cannot be one until they are adults.  Look for the pedestrian signs.  Discuss how these signs are in the shape of a pentagon.  Have your preschoolers count the sides and remember that it looks similar to the shape of a house.

         Have your preschoolers pretend to be crossing guards without actually going into the crosswalk.  Neighbors in the community found our pretend play with homemade stop signs to be amusing.  The Sugar Snaps continue to enjoy pretend play with their stop signs.  I put the first initial of their names on each stick so that we could tell them apart. 

     Have you taught your children or students about community helpers?  What activities have you tried? 

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Join us tonight at 9:00 EST for a Live Google Hangout.  We will be sharing  fun crafts, learning activities, and movement games for the community helper theme.The event will be recorded and available for veiwing afterwards.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Artsy Play Wednesday-Halloween Crafty Fun

    Capri + 3,  Multi-Testing Mommy  Country Fit Family

     Welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday. In our ongoing linky, the newest entries always show first.  This is great for you if you are linking up because you will have exposure EVERY week for your posts.   We share different features which increases your chances of being featured.  If you are looking for fun ideas to try with your children or students, you can always check here and click through the links to find some inspiration.  This week, I am featuring Halloween Crafty Fun.

     Now it is your turn to share your posts and find new crafts and activities.  If you share a post you give permission for us to use one image individually or in a round-up collage with a link back to your post so that we can feature you.

From the Mouths of Sugar Snaps-2


    At this age, the Sugar Snaps say so many things that make us smile.  There is a wonderful sense of magic in the world around them that they let us glimpse through their eyes.  I started a series, From The Mouths of Sugar Snaps, where I share the funny things they say.  If you are not writing down the amusing things your children say, I encourage you to try it.  It is a way of capturing the memories better than photos alone.

The Sugar Snaps wearing their favorite colors...

     My parents taught me that impressions of something can be all about the marketing.  They marketed spinach to us growing up as something healthy that can make you strong.  It worked. We happily ate our spinach.  I have passed this tradition along to the Sugar Snaps and they all love spinach.  I told them one morning, that if they made good choices, they could have some spinach with their breakfast.  They quickly got on their best behavior to make sure they had a few leaves of spinach with their breakfast.

     Spinach is so powerful in our home that it produced an epic meltdown.  One day, I served spinach and everyone but Grayson polished it off.  He shared what was left of his spinach with Ryder and Capri.  Capri got the last bite of spinach and Ryder began to shout, "she ate my spinach!"  We were out of spinach so I could not offer him any more. This escalated to him lying on the floor kicking and screaming that he wanted more spinach.  This lasted a good half hour and is, to date, one of the longest tantrums we've experienced.  Like most people, I am not a big fan of meltdowns, but this one had me masking a smile while it was going on. 

Here are some more recent gems:

  •  One especially hot day, I served lemonade.  Upon finishing hers, Capri said,  "Mama, I have a lemonade milk-stache." Ryder replied, "I have a lemonade milk-stache too!" 

  • Grayson misplaced his elephant lovey.  He said, "Daddy likes elephants. He can be my lovey."

  • When we were out for a walk, Ryder said, "Mama, I saw a shoo fly!"  All of the Sugar Snaps think they are 'shoo flies' because of the song.  I explained a couple of times, but the phrase still stuck which I think is cute so I no longer correct them.

  •  On a recent hike, Grayson loudly informed a man hiking in the opposite direction, "I'm Super Why!  I have the power to read!"  The man smiled at him and kept walking.  I am guessing he was unfamiliar with the PBS series.  I am secretly glad Grayson is so enamored with a superhero that has the power to read.

  • We had been discussing the Sugar Snaps' upcoming 4th birthday.  Xayden asked, "When I turn 4, will I be all grown up?" 
Capri in May 2014

  •   Later that day, at the kitchen table, Capri said, "I'm not a grown up yet, but almost!"

  • The Sugar Snaps work together to get their tight soccer socks off.  When Capri pulled Grayson's sock off, He said, "You're great.  Capri you're my hero!"
     Do you remember some of the funny things your children or students have said?  Please share them in the comments!  I love all the funny things kids say.
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